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1.WW. Sikringsstilling Nord.

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 Defenceline North.

  During 1.st World War the German Emeperor’s Army constructed this defenceline across Sønderjylland (South Jutland). It was build in 1916 – 17 and is one of the Worlds best preserved defencelines. The line is situated in the part of Denmark which was handed over to Germany after Denmarks defeat in 1864.

  This defenceline is unique in many ways. It was established with great concern to the best suitable placement in the given  terrain and  it was possible to build it without any interferrence from the enemy, which is a very unusual situation.  It was established utilising 2 years of experinces with figthing in this landscape, and finally.... it never came into action. This means that the remains are very well preserved. All in all Sikringsstilling Nord is unique.

  'The defenceline covers a streach of approximately 50 kilometres, from city Hoptrup by the coast at Lillebælt (Littlebelt) in east to Romo (isle Rømø) in the west. With its almost 900 bunkers, 40 Batteries (gun/kannon sites), numerous signalling stations and lots and lots of trenches and military railroads to support the line, this was one of Europes greatest defencelines at this time.

  After the reunion of Nordslesvig with the rest of Denmark in 1920, this line became a threat to Denmark, because even a small number of German soldiers would be able to get a very strong foothold here, and it would have taken a considerable effort to drive then out again. So, after the reunion, the Danish army started to blow up the bunkers, but even after this systematical destruction, lots of bunkers were overlooked and Sikringsstilling Nord is still one of the Worlds best preserved defencelines from WW.1.

  ..translated by andresen'